Jan 16, 2020

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Google’s removal of the location tool presents a real challenge. However, it is your job is to ensure you get accurate results, this will mean knowing how to change your location on Google is a must. Any SEO you may hire will have multiple ways to track your local rankings. I recommend trying several of the methods and tools I suggested here.

Google’s Location History is Still Recording Your Every Move

Aug 14, 2018

If you've decided that what Google doesn't know about where you've been won't hurt it, here's how to turn Google Location History on and off. Turn off Location History on an Android phone. 1. First solution: In the setting of the device to enter in Location tab and turn off location for wireless networks. And use the application in areas where there is no real GPS signal. Second solution: Step 1: Completely delete the app "Mock Locations" from the device. Step 2: Re-install it from Google Play Market. Jul 25, 2019 · Beyond Google, individual devices also have their own location settings you can turn on and off or limit access to certain services. You should be notified if your data is accessed To stop Google from saving these location markers, the company says, users can turn off another setting, one that does not specifically reference location information.