Apr 23, 2020

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Do you have a NAS with 2 or more hard drives? It's a good idea to to work with a RAID setup. You can combine multiple hard drives into one safe storage space. Is a disk broken? Your files are still on the other disk. In this step-by-step plan, I'll show you how to create or customize a RAID setup on your Synology NAS. Do you have to format the hard drive when set up Synology Oct 03, 2018 How to Map Synology NAS Drive Outside the Local Network

How to Install a VPN on Synology NAS: Beginner and Expert

Setup Synology as a music server | Sonos Community I want to use the Synology as a music server that my Sonos players can connect to. I have both the Synology Media Server and the Synology Logitech Media Server set up and succesfully detected by my PC music player (Media Monkey for Wndows). Setting up an iSCSI Target on a Synology NAS | The Root User Mar 26, 2018 Synology NAS User's Guide