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Linux and Unix cp command tutorial with examples | George Nov 16, 2019 [LINUX] How to Copy Directory in Linux - using command line Jun 23, 2020

The cp Command cp(1) - Linux man page cp @ Wikipedia Tilde @ Wikipedia Notes: cp Example Learning objective: (3) Demonstrate the use of the cp command a* wildcard In this example, the command [cp a* ~/private/] copies all the files that start with "a" to the "private" directory of the user by use of the "~" tilde.

Dec 19, 2011

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Linux cp command tutorial for beginners (8 examples) Linux cp command. Need to perform a copy operation on the command line, cp should be your go-to command. According to its man page, the tool can be used to copy both files and directories. cp - copy files and directories - man page | ManKier cp - Man Page. copy files and directories Examples (TL;DR) Copy a file to another location: cp path/to/file.ext path/to/copy.ext Copy a file into another directory, keeping the filename: cp path/to/file.ext path/to/target_parent_directory Recursively copy a directory's contents to another location (if the destination exists, the directory is copied inside it): cp -r path/to/directory path/to/copy How to use 'cp' as a simple but reliable backup tool - Mac Ok, on my very large terminal window cp has a man page of two pages. rsync in contrast has a man page of 38 pages! 38 pages!!! Who's gonna read all that? If I had to read all that, just to copy some files, you'd better not cross my way in one of those smug RTFM T-shirts, cause I gonna beat the hell outta you. cp - HP-UX