I have also been having problems on a bunch of websites where I get access denied and I'm pretty sure its because of my IP because when I use a VPN (changes the IP Address), the website works. I contacted Rogers by live chat and the person told me to disconnect the router for 24 hours and than connect back and the IP should be changed, but even

Go to rogers.com. Help & Support. Internet. Find My IP Address. Print this article Email this article to a friend. Find My IP Address. The following steps explain how to locate your IP address. Using Windows. To locate your local IP address click Start. In Windows 8 from the tiles screen click Desktop then press the Windows logo + R. Solved: I cannot access to the default IP address - Rogers when i type in my browser, it says "Waiting for" in status bar and the page never loads up. i looked at the comments on the forum for similar issues and it does not work for me. i have powered off and on the router. i have tried from different computers. i have CGN3AMR that i recived from rogers this week and this does not allow me to manage my settings any more. here How to Find Your Router’s IP Address on Any Computer Jul 03, 2017

Dec 27, 2017

Jun 21, 2017 · Open a web browser and key in in the address bar and press Enter. Enter the following default settings to access the modem settings and select Login: Username: cusadmin. Password: password (or your current Wi-Fi password) If you can’t log in, see the links within the note at the bottom of this page.

Each router has 2 IP addresses: an internal IP address and an external IP address. We have two software tools that can find your router's IP address. Both of them are free downloads. You can use the free software tools or the windows command prompt to find your router's IP address. At the command

Jun 11, 2015 How to Access My Router Admin Page? Sep 13, 2014 Routers - Cisco Cisco routing provides intent-based networking for the WAN, LAN, and cloud. Our network routers include advanced analytics, application optimization, automated provisioning, and integrated security to deliver a complete, proven solution. What is the IP address to log into my router? What is my