Most of the schools or governments block some websites like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc and students do not enjoy their computer class very much. So, Today I am going to tell you how to unblock blocked websites. There are many ways to unblock websites like Proxy websites and by using VPN extensions. I will tell you about both of them.

Ways to Blocking a Website on a PC. Open the "Control Panel" by click "My Computer" on your PC; Find the "Security Center" and click to open it. A window should appear and at the bottom where it says,"Manage Security settings for:"Find and choose "Internet Options". Dec 21, 2016 · Disadvantages of using Tor’ networks is very slow because the data are routed through “randomly” a number of relays. Different as using a VPN, using one server that stands between your computer and the requested site. Using VPN Services to Unblock Blocked Website. Another way to unblock websites is by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Use IP Anonymizer to Unblock Websites. People that aim to ensure privacy when browsing can use IP anonymizer such as Tor browser. This anonymizer can get you through any blocked website. Your need to hide your identity when you want to unblock such website. You will have rest of mind since your device have hidden identity.

Try these methods below and unblock your restricted web sites. 🙂 Use a VPN Client My daily driver for anonymity purposes is the Psiphon 3 – an open-source VPN client developed in Canada, which is designed to give access to the open internet, past censors and firewalls.

When you click on your cam/mic buttons, do you see the unblock message above? If so, this means that your camera/mic is blocked by (1) your browser or (2) Operating System. Learn how to fix this below! Chrome users. To unblock your camera/mic follow these steps: Click the camera icon — in your browsers address bar, top right

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