OPTEE is a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), a software designed as companion to a non-secure Linux kernel running on Arm Cortex-A cores using the TrustZone technology. OPTEE APIs are defined in the GlobalPlatform API specifications. The main design goals for OP-TEE are:

Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) - What Is It? A Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) is an environment for executing code, in which those executing the code can have high levels of trust in the asset management of that surrounding environment because it can ignore threats from the “unknown” rest of the device i. Project Zero: Trust Issues: Exploiting TrustZone TEEs In the Android ecosystem, two major TEE implementations exist - Qualcomm’s QSEE and Trustonic’s Kinibi (formerly

A Deep Dive Into Samsung's TrustZone (Part 1)

T6 is operating system for TrustZone based Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) in ARM-based systems. Downgrade Attack on TrustZone To enhance the security of today’s computer systems, hardware manufacturers have introduced a new security mechanism called trusted execution environment (TEE), like ARM’s TrustZone (TZ), which has a widespread deployment in the digital world. Basically, it has two separate worlds: one is called normal worldand the other one is

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Check Point: Qualcomm TrustZone flaws could be 'game over' Nov 15, 2019