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How To Find your Server IP Address in Minecraft Jun 16, 2020 How to Find My SMTP Server IP Address? Apr 11, 2013 How to Find Your Router’s IP Address on Any Computer

Open your console and type 'status' (without the commas), that should display the server IP. Then your friend can just open their console and type 'Connect XXX.XXXX.XXXX' with whatever the server IP is instead of X's after you send it to them.

Jun 16, 2020 · To find your IP address in Windows, do this: Press the Windows key+R to open a run window or right-click the Windows icon and click ‘Run’ Type ‘cmd’ and hit Enter. A black command window should open. Type ‘ipconfig /all’ and hit Enter. Mar 31, 2019 · Find IP address in Linux command line Well, you can use the ip command for this purpose. ip command is versatile and can be used for several other things related to networking. But just to show the IP address, use the command with ip addr, ip a or ip address options (all are same) in the following manner:

How do I find the IP address of the server I'm currently on?

how to know server is down. ping -c2 ip_address and check the status of the ping command by echo $? if 0 echoed then server is alive otherwise server is down rest u can check man ping. manoj.rana: View Public Profile for manoj.rana: Find all posts by manoj.rana Previous Thread How to find the IP of a Minecraft server - Arqade It might be worth adding that ping will output a bunch of stuff, including the IP of your server (it'll look like (your server address here) [(the IP)]). Maybe more people know how to dig, so they will remember dig more easily than ping and nslookup. Dig is also shorter. – v7d8dpo4 Jun 20 '16 at 14:32 Identify Network Hardware IP Addresses on Local Network Jul 10, 2020