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Nov 23, 2007 WOL over OpenVPN or LT2P/IPSec VPN not working WOL over OpenVPN or LT2P/IPSec VPN not working. Unsolved. Hi folks, I am currently trying to get wake-on-lan to work over my VPN and not having much success, so far: I'm trying to send a WOL packet from an Android phone (OnePlus 5). I've confirmed that WOL works on the local net, that being WakeMeOnLan - Turn on computers on your network with Wake

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Wake on lan (WOL) packets in L3 environment and through SSL VPN. Posted on 8 lipca 2018 by Tomek. Recently I got a call from my buddy. He told me that he’d like to be able to remotely wake computers in his network via ssl vpn. I asked from which vendor he has that ssl gateway or firewall where he terminates ssl vpn. Then I added that if it