[IOS][2020.8.1] Please can we get rid of this? I don’t

[Question] how to get rid of this annoying box? iOS 13.5 Only supports iOS 13+ What does it do? Redesign the phone app and contacts app screen completely (see screenshots) Add 3 favorite contact slots at the top - long press to remove favorite. Show contact profile picture next to contact name. Add buttons to call, message, or email next to contact name. Creates a much more clean looking table view How to Remove Memoji Stickers From the Emoji Keyboard in iOS Nov 08, 2019 How to Get iOS 8 Right Now - Gizmodo

Top 4 Ways to Fix iPhone 8/8 Plus Stuck on Apple Logo

Sep 24, 2014

Sep 21, 2014

How to Delete Facebook Messenger Messages on iOS- Dr.Fone Click on the More option (“…”) and select the “Delete” button. You might have to do it a few times to get rid of multiple messages. Alternatively, you can delete an entire conversation on your Messenger App as well. To do this, simply open the Facebook Messenger app on your iOS device.