Important. It is important to: Install two Ethernet network adapters in the physical server. If you are installing the VPN server on a VM, you must create two External virtual switches, one for each physical network adapter; and then create two virtual network adapters for the VM, with each network adapter connected to one virtual switch. Configuring Windows Server 2008 as a Remote Access SSL VPN Jan 30, 2008 OpenVPN on Windows Server 2008 | TUVPN

Typically, the VPN server is a separate hardware device, most often a security appliance such as a Cisco ASA security appliance. VPN servers can also be implemented in software. For example, Windows Server 2008 includes built-in VPN capabilities, though they are not easy to configure. And a VPN server can be implemented in Linux as well.

Guide to install and configure VPN server on Windows 2008

Apr 23, 2015 · In Server 2008 R2, the Routing and Remote Access Server is under the Network Policy and Access Services. So we need to add this role. Launch Server Manager and click Add Roles. Click Skip this page by default and click Next. Choose Network Policy and Access Services. Click Next at the introduction screen.

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