May 04, 2015

How to Setup Pfsense Firewall and Basic Configuration Nov 03, 2015 Help getting started with pfSense firewall and |VMware Nov 18, 2009 pfSense VirtualBox Installation and Firewall Rules Basics

Aug 03, 2018

PFsense Rules not working? : PFSENSE Firewall rules don't block traffic, they block new states. States decide if traffic is blocked. Work interface: Block Work->LAN LAN interface: Block LAN->Work. now it will be blocked both ways. If you don't block on your Work network, then when someone on Work tries to ping LAN, a state is created the instant Work sees the new state. Firewall rules not applying on 2.3? : PFSENSE The root of the problem with the 7100 is the built-in switch. It is a substandard off-the-shelf Marvell ASIC, and it does not work right. I admit I kind of did not expect the SG-3100 (which uses the same switch) to have full VLAN support, but for a high end model I did. And the XG-7100 does not support what it …

Floating Rules¶. Floating Rules are advanced Firewall Rules which can apply in any direction and to any or multiple interfaces. Floating Rules are defined in the pfSense® webGUI under Firewall > Rules on the Floating tab.. Many firewalls do not need any Floating Rules, or may only have them for the traffic shaper.

pfSense DNS Resolver not working with VPN : PFSENSE