How to Get CyanogenMod's New Secured Text Messaging

How to create a TextArea in Android - Stack Overflow How do I display a TextArea for my android project? From xml, the only choice is TextField, multi lined. But thats editable. I need a TextArea which is only for displaying messages/text can't … Signal Messenger - Wikipedia In November 2015, the TextSecure and RedPhone applications on Android were merged to become Signal for Android. A month later, Open Whisper Systems announced Signal Desktop, a Chrome app that could link with a Signal client. At launch, the app could only be linked with the Android version of Signal.

TextSecure: End-to-End encrypted and Open Source Messaging app

Unless I’m mistaken, the TextSecure app (which provides encrypted text messaging—both over the wire and on disk) was pulled from the market a while back, leaving no way to install the app is readily available from the Market. Just today, however, the source code was released to the public. Wickr (for Android) Review | PCMag Jul 11, 2014

How to create a TextArea in Android - Stack Overflow

Oct 03, 2014 Texting apps for business users | PCWorld Aug 05, 2014 Signal >> Blog >> Simplifying OTR deniability.