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Jun 12, 2014 How to Configure VPN Server on iPhone Switch it off whenever you don’t require the VPN as it does seem to slow down the network speed a bit. Moreover, there are many apps like Hulu, which are not available in countries outside U.S, by using an U.S. based iPhone VPN, you can take advantage of service like HULU or Netflix. Unable to connect to NordVPN servers - Live Chat, VPN

Jul 07, 2020

Setting up VPN on iPhone 4 is quite as simple and as similar to setting up VPN on iPad. Its not as difficult or technical a task that many of us think it is.its easy and like other VPN Setups a piece of cake. Following are the simple steps to establish a PPTP VPN connection on your iPhone. Tap on your iPhone Settings Icon. Tap General. Tap Network.

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Get Azure VPN Client - Microsoft Store As of 1/23/2020, the app will still not respect DNS server specified in the vnet configuration. The app shows the DNS server, but does not use it. For corporate use, we need to use internal DNS names to access the servers. It doesn't make sense to have even released this app without being able to use a corporate DNS server.