HTML5 Attribute Description data-action. The verb to display on the button. Can be either like (default) or recommend.. data-colorscheme. The color scheme used by the plugin for any text outside of the button itself.

How to Create an Effective Company Facebook Page | Mar 21, 2011 12 Free Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Page 11. Promote the exclusive info you post on your Facebook Page. From your website, blog, or other social media sites, direct people to find the info they’re looking for on your Facebook Page. In the example I mentioned earlier, a ski resort could keep their Facebook Page updated with … How to set up a Facebook Page - Facebook for Business Facebook Messenger is integrated with your Page, so you can connect with customers one to one. Add special features. To make your Page more useful for people, you can also add special content to your Facebook Page, such as displaying your menu , listing your …

Facebook Analytics: Drive Growth to Web, Mobile & More

Make a Burner Email or Phone Number. First, if you truly want to use Facebook off the grid, you'll … Create a Private and Anonymous Facebook Account | The Tech Guy Create a Private and Anonymous Facebook Account. Leo's Mom wants to do something that many users probably want to do -- see other Facebook accounts without being public themselves. Facebook hides the ability to do this, and the default when creating an account is to be public. Here's how to make an account that's as private as possible:

An anonymous Facebook account will help, to some extent, to prevent these types of hacking attacks. Now you better understand why owners of the much-brokered Facebook ID are beginning to look for ways to make their experience on Facebook anonymous – to the site itself, and many others besides. Read more: How to Create an Anonymous Facebook Aug 22, 2013 · How To Create a Facebook Page- Derral demonstrates and explains how to create a Facebook page for business, public figure, charity or cause, any reason that you may need to create a Facebook page.