Ubuntu – Details of package apt-src in bionic

Java Code Examples for javax.annotation.processing.AbstractProcessor. The following code examples are extracted from open source projects. You can click to vote up the examples that are useful to you. PatchingDebs – OpenVPN Community $ apt-src build nsis Rebuilding mingw-w64. NOTE: On Ubuntu 16.04 and later you don't have to use a patched version of mingw-w64. The process is about the same as for NSIS: $ cd ~/apt-src $ apt-src install mingw Download the two patches (fwptypes.h.patch and iketypes.h.patch). Copy the patches to the patches directory and the series file: USG ddclient Upgrade Script · GitHub USG ddclient Upgrade Script. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Penguin.cz - apt-src - nástroj pro jednoduchou instalaci a

This repo contains some selfmade builds of OpenSC for Debian and Ubuntu. They are based on the most recent packages available for each version (working with apt-src). The binaries are built using the official docker containers of the corresponding system and a simple script. Please have a look at

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Download requestfactory-apt-2.5.1-sources.jar. requestfactory/requestfactory-apt-2.5.1-sources.jar.zip( 54 k) The download jar file contains the following class files

How do I get and modify the source code of packages @DoR is there a way to create a deb that installs by default in a custom directory? the same way we can install using the --prefix during the configure process? actually i cant find the tarballs for the source of a library,thats why i cant configure --prefix,and make install it.. but that pakages source is available through apt,so i was thinking to install the source package in the desired