Mar 09, 2019

Jun 15, 2020 ngrok – documentation ngrok can serve local file system directories by using its own built-in fileserver, no separate server needed! You can serve files using the file:// scheme when specifying the forwarding URL. All paths must be specified as absolute paths, the file:// URL scheme has no notion of relative paths. Share a folder on your computer with authentication AUTH File - How to open or convert AUTH files AUTH file is a ShopSite Store Authorization Data.ShopSite is a commercial, web-based shopping cart system designed for small to medium-sized businesses. PHP: HTTP authentication with PHP - Manual

Using the Authorization File - SSH

NGINX Docs | Restricting Access with HTTP Basic Authentication

Have to give administrator authorization to copy files

File-based authentication allows you to store usernames, passwords or password hashes and optional meta-data in a file that will be used to authenticate incoming connections. File-based authentication is a good choice for scenarios with smaller amounts of connections that need authenticating, e.g. publicly readable realtime dashboards with a How To Fix ERROR STATUS SEC AUTH FILE NEEDED on MTK …